Green Street 3 Trailer
2013-09-28 19:17
Watch the new trailer for Green Street 3 HERE Danny Harvey (Scott Adkins), has spent all of his life fighting - in the playground, on the football pitch and then heading up the Green Street Elite. ...Read More

Ninja Shadow Of A Tear Trailer
2013-09-09 23:48
The new trailer is HERE Casey Bowman has finally settled down. He's happily married to Namiko (who is pregnant with their first child), living in Japan and teaching at the Koga dojo. While buying her a present, Casey is attacked by two punks. He shrugs it off, assuming it to be a simple mugging. But when Namiko is brutally murdered later that same night, Casey's world falls apart. Stricken with grief and thirsty for revenge, Casey tracks down the two thugs who tried to rob him, bu ...Read More

Adkins takes on Wu Jing in WOLF
2013-07-27 01:07
Wolf, currently shooting in Nanjing, China took five years pre production and will show a unique comprehensive perspective on Chinese modern warfare decryption. ...Read More

Official Legendary Website and Trailer Now Online
2013-06-01 16:52
The official website for Legendary 3D starring Scott Adkins and Dolph Lundgren is now online, follow the link and check it out. CLICK HERE ...Read More