Assassination Games Clip
2011-07-28 00:37
Follow this link Ernie Barbarash directs Jean Claude Van Damme and Scott Adkins in the explosive new thriller Assassination Games, which finds two assassins teaming up to eliminate a common enemy before they become targets themselves. We have an exclusive look at this roaring action flick, which opens in select theaters this Friday, July 29th. Check out Jean Claude Van Damme and Scott Adkins as they make love to a gun in the video below, then check for a list of participating theaters. ...Read More

El Gringo Shooting August 2011
2011-07-25 23:44
Scott's new movie "El Gringo" will begin shooting next month in Baton Rouge. The plot centers on an American who crosses the border into Mexico with a bullet in his arm and $2.3 million in cash, looking to head to Acapulco and retire on the beach. But he discovers quickly that his plan is easier said than done. The film will be directed by acclaimed Venezuelan director Eduardo Rodriguez, with cinematography by Yoran Levy and a script by Jonathan Stokes. Joel Silver will ...Read More

Assassination Games Official Website Up
2011-07-17 00:56
Follow the link. The movie will also be released on VOD in September. ...Read More

New Official Facebook Page
2011-07-09 11:59
Follow the link to the brand new Official Scott Adkins Facebook Page : ...Read More