Scott Adkins Fanz Q & A
2010-10-11 10:58:06
Fanz Q&A with Scott Adkins This is an exclusive Q&A Scott did with the fanz on the Scott Adkins Fanz Forum. Of all the movie fight scenes you've seen over the years, which of them has been your favourite and why? S.A - I'd have to go Jackie Chan V Benny Urquidez in Wheels On Meals and Dragons Forever, you can almost f ...Read More

Scott Adkins Fanz Interview
2010-10-10 00:21:22
Exclusive Scott Adkins interview This is an exclusive interview for so if this interview is used please give credit. First off Thank you to Scott for doing this interview. Ok so with The Shepherd being officially released what are your thoughts on how it turned out, with all the delays behind the scenes? ...Read More

Combat 2007
2010-10-08 15:00:13
As a regular film critic/reviewer for too many years to mention, I must admit to having a jaded, even cynical palette when it comes to “Martial Arts” movie, and knowing that my mate Scott Adkins was a huge fan of Van Damme and all things Hong Kong, I was not holding out much hope when I sat down to watch “Undisputed 2”. T ...Read More

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